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Established in the heart of Brisbane, we absolutely love providing IT Support and Solutions to SMEs across Queensland. It’s because we understand that no matter the industry you’re in, technology is the way forward in maximising your business to get to the next level. We’re not only your IT Support Provider – We’re your trusted IT Support Partner working in parallel with your business as you continue to grow.

From fixing collapsed networks, rebuilding and implementing cloud or on-premise solutions, ensuring all your devices are secure on the network, ensuring your data is backed up and protected to the day to day operations of IT upkeep & support, we’ve seen it all. Reach out today for an onsite visit so we can assess where you’re at and provide guidance on where you need to be.

Helping to change the world through technology, one Byte at a time.

Avon Collis - Director

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Collaborate With Us

With over 25 years collective experience @ Lance IT, we believe in getting the job done right the first time, every time. All our Engineers are certified, highly trained and chosen for their ability to effectively communicate.

We also understand that your business is different to every single other business out there – That’s because it’s unique to your people, processes and systems. All of our solutions and support are tailored with you in mind to ensure your business gets the most out of technology so you can do what you do best – dominate your market.